Upcoming Events at Fretwell

High Sierra

High Sierra

March 25th 2023 | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Kenny Stephenson - Acoustic Guitar - Vocals
Tim Smith - Acoustic Guitar- Vocals
Becky Stephenson - Vocals

With over 40 years of experience in the local music scene, High Sierra is unique with harmonies and acoustic instruments, playing a wide array of contemporary classics. Their laid back fun approach to music will add a nice touch to any show.

Kenny Stephenson- A very talented guitarist, musician, singer, songwriter and frontman. Kenny has an amazing talent for guitar and an amazing ear for guitar. He is very comfortable on a stage and currently wears two hats with a full electric rock band also knows how to find the sweet spot with acoustic guitar and harmonies.

Becky Stephenson- Kenny's wife Becky adds a touch of class to the trio along with a very strong voice that she utilizes up front during solos and during three-part harmonies.

Tim Smith- Tim cut his teeth on music at a very early age listening to his mom play the piano and learning how to hear harmonies with his brother in church and at home. Later he learned how to play piano and progressed to guitar and bass. He also has performed in several harmony groups and was a resident of Nashville for 15 years where he learned all facets of the music business.

High Sierra's strong set includes Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, ZZ TOP, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and more. They also hold a few surprises and love audience participation, so come see them live this Saturday at Fretwell!

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